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Wash Care

How do I make the uniforms last longer? 

Uniforms those mainly comprise of cotton (which being a natural fiber) have a tendency to fade after constant wearing and countless wash cycles. But you can reduce the amount of fading by following these simple steps (you might already be following some of them).

1. Sort by color: Washing like colors together not only prevents your white clothes becoming colored but it also keeps colors from fading.

2. Turn clothes inside out: Prevent the uniforms from losing color by turning them inside out. Yes, doing this adds one more step to the washing process, but the color of the uniforms will stay brighter in the long run.

3. Use cold water: Using cold water is better for your clothes and the environment (Double win).

4. Flat dry: A drier will make the uniforms fade quicker. Flat dry is not always convenient but it'll prevent uniforms from elongating due to the weight of the water. You can line dry them but make sure bright and dark colored uniforms are not kept in direct sunlight.



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